Weekly Review August 4-8

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Last week was kind of a short week. We all spent Wednesday at Cedar Point – and we also had to think of 4 different ideas for new products or ways to ramp up our design services aspect of our business. Basically – how do we get more design projects? Also, our sites were acting funny on Friday and nothing was working. People were failing to get download links on the Arsenal and we couldn’t use our Prooflab. It was annoying, but it should be all fixed.

  • Phase 2 of Arsenal 2.0 development is moving along. Paid the invoice for Phase 3. Things are looking good.
  • Bill posted some new pics of our new office that’s being constructed. Check those out! They tell us we can move in Sept. 1st, but I’m not so sure it will be that quick.
  • Worked on some Tattered Scroll Vector packs and posted a cool video of how I draw them.
  • Worked on some seamless halftones for Vector Pack 12.
  • Vector Pack 12 should be finished by Friday of this week. So that means a probably launch date next week!
  • We launched some handy apparel templates so you can mockup your t-shirt designs and make people think you really got them printed! Don’t worry, those of you who asked about ladies tees and other stuff like hoodies and even jeans, they’re already in the pipeline and should be out soon.
  • Had a meeting with staff about reworking the Go Media site.
  • Spent all day Wednesday at Cedar Point with the rest of Go Media staff. See pics.

That’s pretty much it. Now I gotta get back to work on Vector Pack 12! I caught a glimpse of the 8-bit pack that Adam Law is working on, it looks awesome!! It’s our first color vector pack. See a preview below.

Vector Pack 12 Almost Done!

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