Weekly Review Aug 25-31

monster truck

The long weekend is now past me and it’s time to get back to the grind. I feel I could really use a vacation because I’ve got quite a bit going on outside of work that’s keeping me from being as focused as I usually am. Mine and Kim’s wedding is only 25 days away and things are getting hectic. It’s hard to stay inspired through all of it. But here’s my review of what I got accomplished last week:

  • Arsenal 2.0 – A few more tasks were completed and a new one is started. Estimated to be done with CS Cart dev on Sept. 11 – but troubleshooting and cleaning up their design will follow.
  • I set up a store on http://gomedia.deckpeck.com and will encourage the staff to submit their designs to the store.
  • Did some new sketches for a hat line of one of our clients. Some mean looking monster truck slinging mud everywhere. The client wants us to do what we want, but he has extremely long descriptions of what he wants. I anticipate this will be tougher than it sounds.
  • Twitter interview with Vectips on Wednesday and continued with the twitter design help thing
  • Had meetings about gomedia.us V5.0 – entering the mockup phase for our new portfolio site. It’s fun.
  • GoMediaZine made a few blog posts about top creative wordpress themes as well as got included in a handful more CSS Galleries.
  • Fest 7 site went up with Go Media sponsorship logo and tshirt for sale
  • We are working on converting all our vector packs to Photoshop Brushes and will be releasing those tomorrow (wednesday).
  • Also worked on some shirts for Harley-Davidson and the Killers. Not sure if things got approved or not.

So yeah, that was last week. You’ll notice the blog posts have been slower. I feel like I’m overwhelmed with stuff, but when I look at my plate, there’s not a whole lot going on. I’ll need a few weeks to get myself back on track. Perhaps after my Honeymoon I’ll be more inspired. This happens from time to time. Fortunately, I have my fellow designers to pick up my slack.

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