Jeff’s Weekly Review July 7-11

I should have done this on Friday, but I ended up working on this new article I’m writing all the way until the end of the day. The new article is about common mistakes made by designers in the music and apparel industry. I’ve interviewed another bunch of designers that you should recognize, and I’m currently sorting through their replies. They were amazing. So the post should be really good. I might have to do it in parts because some of the issues were so controversial. I’ll post it this week.

So anyway, without further ado, here’s my grand list of accomplishments this week:

  • Finished another design for the Human Abstract – waiting for approval
  • Had Dell come in and try to fix my RAM issues. They tried replacing the motherboard, but that didn’t work. (Again, the same thing happened 6 months ago and they tried the same thing).
  • We launched one of our new fonts called Firgo. This was designed by Bill Beachy. Have a look here.
  • Added a short message beneath the comment box encouraging our readers to get a Gravatar account so they can have a cool picture by their comment.
  • Posted 57 Inspirational Sites from 7 Remarkable Apparel designers article.
  • Added a “Top Commentors” box to the sidebar. You might see your name there if you comment a lot.
  • One of my Harley Designs was approved.
  • Posted part 1 of Adam Law’s 8-Bit character design tutorial
  • Promoted the new tutorials
  • Finished Phase 1 of Arsenal 2.0 development. Phase 2 has now begun. This is developing the non standard features we need that aren’t included in the default install of CS Cart.
  • Bought some images from Live Surface to make some cooler box mockups of Arsenal products.
  • Signed up for “Blogrolled” which allows people advertise in our blogroll. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Doesn’t seem geared towards creatives or design blogs at all.
  • Created a new Favicon for the GoMediaZine – you should see it by the URL
  • Everyone at Go Media is now using Outlook 2007 instead of Thunderbird. We’re signed up for Microsoft Exchange email. So far I like it much better. Thunderbird was great (and light weight) but Outlook’s features for organization and customer relationships are much better. Despite taking a long time to start up, I see no real issues yet. It’s especially cool with the Xobni plugin that does some cool email analytics.
  • Installed some little app for Windows called Filebox – which allows me to basically bookmark folders on our server for easy access. I hate having to navigate into the same folders every time. This is fun. Adam Wagner showed me it.
Harley Davidson design by Jeff Finley

That’s it, what did you get accomplished this week?

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