Jeff’s Weekly Review July 14-18

Here I am back again for another weekly review. Are you readers getting any value out of these reviews? I’m not sure. It’s good for ME to do them to stay organized, but what is in it for our readers? What do you think? Should I keep posting them?

Anyway, I’ll post what I did last week:

  • I’ve stopped using the Action Notebooks to log my daily to-do lists. Why? Because I’m trying Outlook 2007’s task management feature. It’s easier for me to see what I have and haven’t done and I get reminders. I always have Outlook open, so it’s handy. I will still use the Action Notebooks for organizing larger projects with multiple tasks though. I still keep it open on my desk for note taking though.
  • I spent time editing and making Bill’s latest article about Moving Beyond Freelancing look a little nicer.
  • I’ve been trying to promote Adam’s 8-bit tutorial on various tutorial websites.
  • Started Development of Vector Pack 12. Adam Wagner is taking the lead on it and he’s assigned our designers here specific tasks relating to the packs. This is kind of a first. Normally we would have pack ideas floating around and people would work on them when we had time. But now we’re finally getting things official. We plan to have a calendar that has release dates for all new products. Which I might make available to our readers. Confirmed packs for the next set are:Japanese Style art (not sure what to call it), 8-bit pack (our first color vector pack!), Linework 2, Scrolls 2, Seamless Halftones, Guts/Slime, and Zombies

    And don’t worry, all you folks who wanted Robots in the suggestions thread will get them in Pack 13. We didn’t want to have too many “centerpiece” designs this time. So it was either Zombies or Robots. Zombies won this time.

  • Kept working on this huge article I’m writing about Awful Mistakes Designers in the music/apparel industry make. Should go up this week. I think you’ll enjoy it. Might be kinda controversial though. But you can comment on the post once it’s up.
  • At Go Media, we had our first bi-weekly meeting. We all think meetings in general are time-wasters where people chit chat and gossip. But when they have a goal and focus, they help get stuff done. Since our office is currently split on two levels – top floor, bottom floor – I never really get to see the folks downstairs. And vice versa. It’s good meeting every two weeks so we can catch up on what everyone’s working on what priorities need to be addressed for the next two weeks. It’s going well so far.
  • Released Dave’s new font Go Vandal. It’s awesome. We know it’s impossible to replicate a real handstyle with all the subtle nuances of real graffiti. But we all know Dave’s got excellent technique and was able to create what we think is the best graffiti font available. If you can find a better one let us know. It comes with a Vector Pack of all the letters and some drips and arrows so you can arrange them in a non-standard way that fits your design better than just typing it out.
  • We currently have 510 members and 1,126 entries in our Go Media User Showcase Gallery. Originally we wanted people to show off what they created in Go Media’s Arsenal. But I have since felt people should post non-arsenal related work as well. I haven’t done a showcase highlight in a while, so I should do another this week.

Did a shirt design for Trivium that’s pretty weird. I hope they like it. I can’t show you yet, but here’s a preview:

Trivium Preview

That’s it, what did you get accomplished this week? And let me know your honest opinion of these reviews. Should I keep going or not?

Oh btw, if you want a more detailed and “real time” view of the stuff I get done at Go Media, then following me on Twitter is a good idea.

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