Jeff’s Weekly Review 6-30 to 7-3

Round 4 of my weekly review. Here’s what I got done in the short, 4-day workweek last week. I didn’t get around to posting this last week because of the holiday (Independence Day for readers outside the US).

  • Launched the new GoMediaZine theme. Which you are looking at. This took up about 75% of my week, so expect a short list after this.
  • Initiated a new tutorial/vector pack that will feature some cool 8-bit characters. Adam Law will be working on that.
  • Got the first draft of the new Arsenal 2.0 back from the programmers. Some bugs, yes. Some layout issues, yes. But I’m going to give my critique this week and we’ll move along with that.
  • Sent final animations for the new tattoo show airing on A&E this fall. I still don’t think I can show anyone yet.
  • Had some nice RAM failure (or something like it). While working, my PC shut off and showed me a nice blue screen with some simple text – “your system has been halted…” My PC would no longer boot. Just a series of long beeps. So I removed RAM from my motherboard until my computer was able to boot. So now instead of 4GB RAM I have 2GB. Time to call Dell. This is the 2nd time it happened.
  • Finished some typography for the band the Human Abstract. I still need to finish the rest of the shirt and another whole design this week for them. I should have more time for that this week.
  • Did some revisions on my Harley Davidson shirts from last week.
  • I was supposed to get an oil change and visit my optomotrist, both of which I forgot. To do this week now.
  • Found one of Bill’s Mastodon tees for sale at Hot Topic. That was cool.
  • Mastodon shirt, designed by Bill Beachy, is available at Hot Topic Mastodon shirt, designed by Bill Beachy, is available at Hot Topic

    So yeah, last week was crazy with the launch of the new design of this theme. With the launch, there came a bunch of bugs, but nothing major. I believe it’s mostly worked out right now. It was stressful because I had to sort of push aside other projects in my queue to finish it. But now that it’s done, I’ll be back on them.

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