Call for Wallpaper Submissions!

We recently released a freebie from our friend Justin Maller, Australian freelance illustrator and art director.

Justin has been creating digital art for over twelve years, and has produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity for the last six years.  He is the Creative Director of the The Depthcore Collective, an international modern art collective he established in June 2002. Justin also creates a personal piece every day as part of his Facet project, from which these wallpapers were derived.

He was just featured on The Great Discontent. And we just think he’s pretty amazing.


Gimme, gimme > JustinMallerWallpaper

More Justin:

TwitterInstagram | Behance | LastFM | Tumblr

Justin in our 20 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram post

It’s your Turn!

Want to your work to be featured on the GoMediaZine?  We’re accepting wallpapers from fans for a future GoMediaZine post. Interested in having your work seen by 20,000 daily viewers?

Sure you are!

Please email Heather at for more details.

Wallpaper post to follow soon so hop to it!

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