Free MacBook Sticker Giveaway from our friends at tabtag

Free Sticker Giveaway!

I don’t know about you guys but I love stickers. I stick them every and anywhere, and have done so since the good old days:

Anyone with me?

Anyone with me?

So when one of our readers, Volker Lobmayr, contacted us and wanted to giveaway some of his, to you, my beloved readers, I said yes, absolutely, where do I sign up?


The Goods

Volker, and his friends over at tabtag, are a community of designers who are creating and producing stickers for your MacBook using the glowing apple on the MacBook-lid to make defined parts of the design glow. tabtags are printed on a special adhesive film which allows you to apply, remove and reuse them many times.

They’re currently using Kickstarter to fund their project and they need your help! Back their project and get all kind of cool rewards like your favorite designs, fully custom tabtags and the complete set of 18!


Hurry up now, because Volker’s campaign ends on Monday, June 30.

While you’re waiting for your rewards, try your luck at winning a tabtag here on the GoMediaZine. Simply comment on this post with your *favorite tabtag and wait for the great news! We’ll announce the names of 10 lucky winners on Monday, June 30 at 10 a.m. Good luck all!

*Stickers, in order of appearance in the header image, are:
Row 1: air, maki, cloud, ghost, speaking bubble, kiwi, orange, melon, egg sunny side up,
Row 2: virus, time to shine, buddha, splash, enjoy today, talk less / breathe more, cat, camera, on / off



More tabtag: Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+

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