Adam Wagner
My decision to join Go Media after graduating college was pretty simple. It went something like this:

“I won’t be happy doing anything else knowing
the team at Go Media is creating amazing things.”

Well, I had no idea that the adventures in store would be as wonderful as they turned out to be.

In the last four years, I’ve had the privilege to participate in the move-in to a beautiful warehouse studio, conversations and relationships with all of you reading this, the evolution of Weapons of Mass Creation from an ad campaign to a cutting-edge design conference, a folk-punk band with Go Media partner Jeff Finley, dozens of advances in the Arsenal product line, the birth of an industrial design studio by Chris Comella (2nd Shift), the encouragement and support to fulfill the dream to build a recording studio (Bad Racket), and the chance to work on a dream project: build the ultimate project management tool (Proof Lab).

I’ll be leaving renaissance Cleveland and Go Media in April to do product design for Copilot, a tech startup in San Francisco. As you can tell, the decision to leave was NOT easy, but one of the most important lessons I learned here is to do uncomfortable things. I am young and life is long. I expect our paths to cross again, and look forward to it.

Of all the things that have happened, the mentorship and camaraderie are the most memorable. It hardly needs said, but the people at Go Media are amazing, passionate, skilled, kind, wise – I could go on, but I won’t! Before our newest family member, Marissa, was officially hired, she said something like “Bill seems a like a great guy to work for”. All I could say was “…and it’s all true!”. Every day at Go Media, including this one, the passion, talent, wisdom, ambition, and work ethic of the people here have kept a candle lit in my chest.

As if this post hasn’t been syrupy enough, I’ll close by saying my years at Go Media have been the best of my life. I’ll never forget the kindness shown to me here, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the team comes up with next.

About the Author, Adam Wagner

I'm a marketer, designer, armchair singer/songwriter, wannabe theoretical physicist/philosopher and recent college grad trying to pack as much living as possible into each day. Working at Go Media makes this pretty easy. Catch me on Twitter!!

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