Help Fellow Designers Wage War Against Cancer

When Peter Deltondo‘s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, his world, and the world of his family, came to a screeching hault.

Seeing how his parents almost entirely stopped working to deal with doctor visits and treatments, Peter knew he had to help in the best way he could.  As a designer and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Deltondo began small, creating art to help in-between client projects. Soon he had help.  When friends Mike Jones and Rob Davarnia got wind of the news, and Peter’s efforts, they too were in on the fight.


Their first step in the quest to raise money for families like Deltondo’s by way of design was to reach out to fellow designers.  Much to Deltondo’s surprise, the response was overwhelming. “When we first started reaching out to artists we wanted to work with for the launch, they replied back! These were folks we’ve looked up to and admired their works for years, and to get a reply after sharing our story with them was incredible. That’s when I knew that this was more than a “hopeful idea” and could potentially become something bigger then all of us, making a difference in the lives of not just cancer patients, but in all of us for supporting it.”


The Kickstarter campaign, Design vs Cancer, was born: a global designer movement to help lots of families all around the world.

With Design vs Cancer, Deltondo and friends are looking to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to launch their inaugural line of shirts and posters. The money earned will go directly to those battling cancer, cancer research, with a small royalty also going back to the designer.

With 13 days to go, Deltondo needs your help, not only financially, but in spirit.


“My biggest wish for this project is to help people going through cancer while allowing designers and consumers to know they are making an impact. To take even just a little burden off of someone who’s fighting cancer can be a vital part of their recovery. To give people hope and support is incredible. I’ve had the privilege of watching my Mom light up like a Christmas tree every time she sees that another person has backed our campaign. To her, it’s one more person who is on “her team”. Every person who backs our project, buys a shirt or poster, gives us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, dribbble, or a blog post has joined our team. There truly is strength in numbers and we want to let cancer patients know that they have a giant team of supporters behind them through the fight. It’s been absolutely amazing to see the feedback we’ve been getting from the design community rallying around us, and it makes us darn proud to be a part of this industry.”


Back Design vs Cancer on Kickstarter with a $1 minimum pledge or pick out your handsome reward (created by the likes of Mary Kate McDevitt, Chris Wright, Jen Hood & more). You’ll only be charged if the project is funded. The project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Thursday, January 16, 10:48 am EST.

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