Help us get our shirts printed and get an Arsenal Discount Part 2!

Hey friends! We’ve posted another design on Design by Humans. You readers did a great job of supporting Jeff’s first submission so we figured that we should keep you all updated on more DBH postings.

This is our second submission and it is the apparel version of one my “Concentric Series” prints. This particular design has been stolen by a couple of bands and used as cover art. There has also been a clothing line or two that has produced something similar to this design, and they are trying to cramp my style MAAAAN!!!

I figured Design by Humans would be able to do this design justice and create a really awesome shirt from it. I tweaked the design to flow over the shoulders and onto the back of the shirt. If this gets printed and does well, maybe I will submit some of the other pieces of the series.

Vote for us, Get a Discount!

And as a way of saying thanks, we’ll give you a 15% discount off everything in our Arsenal – if you use the code “dbh08” you’ll get the discount. This code will expire on Monday May 12th at 6pm EST so you must use it before next week.

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