Adobe and WMC Present: Ink Wars

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Dynamic Art: Ink Wars

On Sunday August 18, 2013, Adobe hosted Ink Wars 2013… A dramatic display of art on-the-fly with black ink, blank canvases and action set to the sounds of a DJ.

That’s right: No computers. No keyboards. And no 30-inch monitors.

Why is Adobe, a company that puts so much passion into making tools for creative expression, headed to mingle with designers in Cleveland, Ohio to host Ink Wars, an obviously analog drawing battle?

Well it’s our acknowledgement that art and creativity and insight and inspiration don’t always happen sitting down.


As dedicated as we are to making the best creative software, we know that people need to get away from their computers. That they need to stand. And hold their tools in their hands. And think on their feet. And look for challenges outside of a browser. And be inspired by life and friends and ideas that are around them in the real world.

Stay tuned to for more info on our next Weapons of Mass Creation Fest


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