Scriptographer is a pretty amazing plugin available for Adobe Illustrator. It basically frees the user (at least those familiar with JavaScript) from relying on a third-party developer to create the plugin or script that you have in mind, by allowing you to create it yourself.

I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t know the first thing about JavaScript, but I know a lot of our readers straddle the web coding and design fence, so this might be of huge interest for you. Me, not so much. I’m much more of an end user — but Scriptographer has something to offer for us non-coders as well. More on that later.

Let’s start off with some videos created by the Scriptographer team showing the plugin and scripts in action. Below are two videos, the first demonstrating some basic mouse-based tools, the second some effects on placed raster images:

Of course the real power here is the ability to roll your own scripts, and the Scriptographer team has you covered with some seriously in-depth tutorials helping you get started.

For those of us not familiar with JavaScript, there are plenty of sample scripts uploaded by users which are available to download on the site. Below are just a few samples of the kinds of effects you can generate using Scriptographer:

Some fancy, some functional, regardless I think you’d agree these would be an excellent addition to your design arsenal.

There are plenty more where this came from, so be sure to set some time aside to browse the Scriptographer scripts. And any of your coders out there, take a peek at the creation tools and let us know what you think. If you create any of your own, we’d love to hear about it. If we get any Scriptographer scripts created by our readers, we’ll feature them in an upcoming post.



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