FoldRite Template Master plugin for Adobe InDesign

The FoldRite Template Master plugin for Adobe InDesign by Fold Factory is an interesting niche tool for working with folded paper.

Paper is dimensional, and if it is to fold into itself to form a brochure, the panels that fold in must be slightly smaller to accommodate for the thickness of the sheet, and for subtle process variation in the mechanical folding process. This mathematical adjustment is called folding compensation.

The overwhelming majority of client-provided files do not account for this critical adjustment, which almost ensures dissatisfaction with the end product (or extra charges for fixing the file). FOLDRite provides precise, mathematically adjusted folding templates through an easy software tool for a seamless, automated and repeatable process. In doing this, we are able to solve the longstanding problem of improper file setup for folded materials by removing the “human element” from the file-setup process. Automated template creation also saves time and reduces paper waste.


• Fast, accurate custom template creation

• Industry-approved folding styles and algorithms

• Eliminates the need for manually calculating folded template sizes—no more math.

• Significantly reduces production time and errors associated with creation, proofing, and correction of templates.

• Eliminates costs associated with creating or repairing file manually

• Fosters better communication between printers and designers

A single license will set you back $99, which seems reasonable if you do a lot of projects with folds. Mac & PC versions available, however it seems the plugin is only compatible up to CS4. A demo is available, and there are also some informative videos on their website. Note that the demo is not the full-featured plugin — however you can request a time-limited demo of the full-featured version.

— via Adobe guru Rufus Deuchler on Twitter


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