Bundle Storm: The Bundle of Bundles – only $47!

Today’s Mighty Deal!

There are bundles and there are bundles. And then, well, then there are bundles of bundles.

In this Mighty Deal’s case, however, it feels like we have a bundle that consists of bundles of bundles! Confused yet? Don’t be. Just know that this is one of the biggest bundle deals ever!

With literally thousands of high-quality elements for creative designers, this Bundle Storm pretty much has it all!

Stock photos! Vector images! Backgrounds! Patterns! Themes! Gradients! Actions! Icons! Buttons! Infographics! Why, there’s even tools to quickly create your own mascot!

Yes, this ginormous collection of tools is sure to impress even the most seasoned of Web designers.

Bundle Storm Highlights:

  • 30+ Different Web Design Bundles
    This bundle to end all bundles is pretty much going to set you up for life! With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you’ll get over 30 different bundles of fantastic Web Design resources. That’s a literal army of tools including textures, gradients, vector files, Photoshop actions, and more!
  • Thousands of Elements
    Each of the 30+ bundles contains dozens, hundreds or even thousands of incredibly useful resources for creative designers. Your biggest problem with this Super Mega Bundle will be deciding which ones to use first! That, and pulling yourself away so you can get some sleep.
  • 1800+ Isolated Stock Photos
    This royalty-free collection of 1,892 isolated stock images contains ready-to-use photos of an incredibly huge range of products from staplers to colored pencils to magnifying glasses. Image sizes clock in at 7340×4560 pixels and come in .JPG format.
  • 4500+ High-Res Textures and Patterns
    Never worry about finding the perfect texture again! This Mighty Deal includes a number of texture and pattern bundles totaling well over 3,000 elements! These royalty-free textures include everything you can think of from marble to metal to water. You’ll even get a number of high-quality flower stock images to easily use as background patterns for your website. Image size are 3488×2616 px, 4288×2848 px or 7360×4912 px and come in .JPG format.
  • 11,000+ Photoshop Gradients
    If you can come up with a color that’s not in this mega collection then, well.. you’ve got waaaay too much time on your hands! This set of over 11,000 royalty-free Photoshop gradients are a breeze to use and perfect for Web buttons, backgrounds, posters and more.
  • 900+ Vector Files
    With two sets of royalty-free vector files, the Design World is your oyster! Dig through a ton of unique shapes and categories like arrows, pointers, diamonds, foliage, sunbursts, ornaments and more. Includes original .EPS and .AI files.
  • 6 Powerful Photoshop Actions
    Stop wasting time repeating yourself! Let Photoshop’s actions capture your movements and let you repeat them with a simple button click. This set of 6 royalty-free actions are the perfect addition to your design toolbox.
  • Over 850 High-Quality Vectors
    In 4 killer bundles, you’ll get a slew (897 to be exact) of professional vector graphics from Graphstock. It’s a fabulous mix of styles and categories, brought to you in some quality illustrations. They’re all royalty free and come in .EPS and .AI file formats, with some additionally provided as .PSD and .PNG files.
  • 200+ Custom Photoshop Shapes
    When you need something a little bit different, this bundle does the trick. Get 222 royalty-free Photoshop custom shapes including religious symbols, skulls, crosses, shields, warnings, and more.
  • Whip up Websites in a Pinch
    With the 10 Photoshop PSD layouts in this bundle, you can put together a great looking website with just a few clicks. Using the original .PSD files, it couldn’t be easier to adjust these layouts to your specific needs.
  • 1,500+ Vector Icons
    If you’re looking for a real unique way to express elements of your site or application, this bundle is perfect for you! With a number of unique vector icon sets, you can make your product truly stand out. Choose from sketchy icons, vector outlined ones, minimalist glyphs, symbols, and more, as these royalty free bundles cover every category imaginable from ecommerce to utilities to trees! Various file formats are included such as .EPS, .AI, .PNG, .CSH, .PSD versions, so you can adjust the size, shape, detail, etc. of any of these.
  • 2 Unique UI Kits
    These 2 sets are perfect for creating website or app user interfaces. Each features an assortment of the most popular UI elements such as buttons, nav bars, profiles, media, image galleries and more. Everything comes in a clearly labeled, easy-to-use layered PSD file, so you’ll have no issues pulling out and modifying any pieces you’re interested in using. Together, these sets include 675 UI elements!
  • Create Your Own Infographics
    With these entertaining and informative graphic elements, you can put together your own unique Infographic to spread the word about your cause or website. Choose from 170 different colorful graphics all delivered in .AI files for easy editing or adjusting.
  • 5,500+ High-Quality Stock Photos
    In need of a quick photo to fill a background or round out a contest page? Whatever your need, no doubt you’ll find the right image in one of this incredible sets of stock photography. That’s 4 different bundles of stock photos totalling more than 5,500 total photos! Search through hi-res images of people, plants, animals, food, vehicles, water, weather and loads more. There are even dozens of isolated fruit photos! Orange you glad you read this far into the Mighty Deal?
  • 1,300+ Gorgeous Website Backgrounds
    All sorts of fantastic artwork can make up website backgrounds, wallpapers, applications and more. This group of background graphics really takes the cake. Yes, even a sharp photo of a cake will make a splendid background! From artistic fractal graphics backgrounds to seamless vector files to hi-res Bokeh ones, these background sizes range from 2500×2500 pixels to 4000×3000 pixels, and come in .AI, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG formats.
  • 300 Incredible Photoshop Layer Styles
    It’s simple to make a variety of incredibly cool effects using Photoshop. And with this bundle, you can go ahead and add such neat features as drop shadows or strokes with just the click of your mouse!
  • 1,000 Illustrator Color Swatches
    Like playing around with colors? This bundle  contains a whopping 1,000 different color swatches to choose from, as you create a plethora of colorful designs in Illustrator.
  • 40,000 Photoshop Color Gradients
    If you prefer to use gradients instead of flat colors, you may want to sit down for this one. Whether you’re using gradients for your website background or for printed materials, you can pick from 40,000 different Photoshop gradients. Sounds like somebody’s gonna need a bigger artistic toolbox…
  • 150+ Hand-Drawn Arrows
    Sometimes you want to add a bit of flair or creativity to even your most basic of design elements. Like, say an arrow. This set of 160 royalty-free, call-to-action arrows will let you get right to the point.
  • 40 Colorful Buttons
    Every user likes to click things, especially buttons. The neater the button, the faster the click! With this collection of highly colorful Web Buttons in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can easily catch your users’ eyes with a single graphic element. Includes original .PSD file, so these buttons are simple to change up and customize as you see fit.
  • 6 High-Quality WordPress Themes
    Get a great jump start on designing your own WordPress theme. These 6 royalty-free themes can turn a blah blog into a bodacious one!
  • Mascot Creation Kit
    You may never have so much fun designing as you will with this 60-piece mascot creation kit. Mix and match dozens of colorful body parts to create your very own cartoony mascot. Original .PSD files are included for simple customization.

Preview Of All The Resources Included:


1,892 Isolated Stock Photos.
Mega Collection of images.
Whatever the project, you’re certain to find an appropriate photo from one of the dozens of categories.

Download this amazing collection of isolated stock images.
Number of items: 1,892 | Image size: 7340×4560 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Gxftoolkit.com | License: Royalty Free



717 High-Res Textures.
Textures for the rest of us.
You’ll find everything from bricks to granite to marble to metal to rust to water and more!

Find exactly what you’re looking for in this mammoth collection
Number of items: 717 | Image size: 7360 x 4912 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Gxftoolkit.com | License: Royalty Free



11,000+ Photoshop Gradients
Who knew there were that many color combinations?
With this gigantic collection of Photoshop gradients, you just can’t go wrong.

Create web buttons, backgrounds, posters in a snap.
Number of items: 11,000 | File format: .grd
Author: Gxftoolkit.com | License: Royalty Free



421 Awesome Vector Files…
…for your artistic toolbox.
You will find a wide variety of shapes and categories including: foliage, circular, diamonds, seals, sunbursts, arrows, pointers, and more!

Expand Your Design Arsenal with this Vector Set
Number of items: 421 | File format: .eps
Author: Gxftoolkit.com | License: Royalty Free



Adobe Photoshop Actions
Photoshop can do some magical things.
If you’re looking to add creativity to your Photoshop toolbox, then this pack is for you.

Don’t waste your time repeating the same tedious steps to achieve an effect.
Number of items: 6 | File format: .atn
Author: Graphstock.com | License: Royalty Free



Vector Files from Graphstock.
Download some awesome line art vectors.
In this set you will find high-quality vector files drawn by hand.

Need a lot of vectors in a really short time?
Number of items: 55 | File format: .eps and .ai
Author: Graphstock.com | License: Royalty Free



Download Amazing Vector Icons
Great icons are invaluable for designers.
Icons that provide not only fantastic design but also versatility are even better.

Icons are an infinitely useful part of any designer’s toolbox.
Number of items: 153 | File format: .eps, .ai, .psd and .png
Author: Graphstock.com | License: Royalty Free



Different vector files
Download awesome illustrations.
If you’re looking for some quality, professional illustrations to pep up your artwork then this set is for you.

Illustrations can add some real personality to a website.
Number of items: 44 | File format: .ai, .eps
Author: Graphstock.com | License: Royalty Free



Adobe Photoshop Custom Shapes
Photoshop custom shapes are useful.
I am sure you will find something useful for you to use in your next web or graphic design project!

Download this awesome set of adobe custom shapes.
Number of items: 222 | File format: .csh
Author: Graphstock.com | License: Royalty Free



Photoshop PSD Layers
Create websites in a snap.
This set of PSD files will allow you to easily and quickly create an attractive website that draws the attention of visitors.

PSD files are an infinitely useful part of any web designer’s toolbox.
Number of items: 10 | File format: .psd
Author: Graphstock.com | License: Royalty Free



Royalty Free Misc Textures
High-Quality Textures.
Textures are hotter than ever. They add amazing realism to your designs with zero effort

Want to add some pop to your projects without doing a massive overhaul?
Number of items: 1035 | Image size: 3488×2616 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Insanelyart.com | License: Royalty Free



Gorgeous Vector Sketch Icons
Do you want to be different?
Consider using hand-drawn icons on your website or app to stand out and get noticed.

Since all the icons are vectorized, you can customize them to your specific needs.
Number of items: 367 | File format: .eps, .ai, .png
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Fractal Graphics Backgrounds
Great to fill in the backgrounds.
Perfect for Website backgrounds, Wallpapers, Applications, Scrapbooking or it helps you to create Photoshop brushes.

Download great-looking drawings and graphics.
Number of items: 400 | Image size: 2500×2000 px | File format: .jpg, .png
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Resell rights



Textures and flower stock images
Add awesome backgrounds to your projects.
Textures and flower stock images can make your website or designs look more professional.

Creative library of inspiring images of flowers and textures.
Number of items: 1400 | Image size: 4288×2848 px | File format: .jpg
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Resell rights



Amazing User Interface Kit
Hundreds of web elements.
Download a well layered PSD kit that is handy for a web designer/developer to create good looking interfaces.

Use it for quick prototyping in Photoshop.
Number of items: 300 | File format: .psd
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Resell rights



Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icon
Download a ginormously icon set.
Icons are a pretty important necessity for a designer’s toolbox.

Useful for website navigation, user interfaces or various other applications.
Number of items: 360 | File format: .csh, .psd, .png
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Resell rights



40,000 Photoshop Gradients
Weapons for your artistic toolbox.
Adding a touch of color gradients to your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, and artwork is both simple and effective.

Over 40,000 color combinations for amazing visual effects.
Number of items: 40.000 | File format: .grd
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Resell rights



Ultimate Vector Toolbox
650+ Royalty-Free vectors.
High quality stock vectors can save you tons of time in creating new projects, whether you use them as-is or as the jumping off point for your own designs.

Download an incredible library of 650+ quality vectors.
Number of items: 650 | File format: .ai/.cdr
Author: Stock-Vectors.com | License: Royalty Free



People Stock Photos
Huge Collection of Stock Photo
Stock photographs of people sell best overall, but the people must be doing something specific.

Stock images that convey an emotion, a concept or show a mix of different activities.
Number of items: 2988 | Camera: Nikon D800 | File format: .jpg
Author: Gxfstacks.com | License: Royalty Free



300 PS Layer Styles
Hundreds of effects with a single click.
Photoshop layer styles are a popular way to add effects, such as drop shadows and strokes, to layers with a single click.

Apply these styles to your buttons, text, or graphics in one click.
Number of items: 300 | File format: .asl
Author: Gxfstacks.com | License: Royalty Free



100 Isolated Fruit Photos
High Quality Fruits Stock Photos.
The collection is made up of 100 high quality fruit photos isolated on white.

Fresh colorful fruits on the white background.
Number of items: 100 | Image size: 7340×4560 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Gxfstacks.com | License: Royalty Free



Patterns and textures
Textures and patterns are used more often than one may think.
Patterns and textures are becoming a bigger part of graphic design.

Use these patterns and make the content easier to perceive.
Number of items: 477 | File format: .png
Author: Gxfstacks.com | License: Royalty Free



Hi-Res Bokeh Backgrounds
Awesome effect of a soft out-of-focus background.
Using these images in an effective fashion can add real style and depth to your images.

Bokeh is simply “blur”, but can add real style and depth to your images.
Number of items: 404 | Image size: 4000X3000 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Gxfstacks.com | License: Royalty Free



1700 Stock Images…
…covering a variety of categories.
Nothing makes a design look more natural than adding photos to it.

Download this epic collection with 1700 Stock Images.
Number of items: 1700 | Image size: 3000×2000 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Grafstorm.com | License: Royalty Free



1000 Stock Photos
Looking for the right image for the right job?
Increase your graphic toolbox with this amazing collection of stock images.

There are a lot of categories in this bundle.
Number of items: 1000 | Image size: 3000×2000 px | File format: .jpg
Author: Grafstorm.com | License: Royalty Free



1000+ Pixel Patterns
Do you need backgrounds?
Use this pack and you can create seemless patterns which can be used to produce awesome website backgrounds.

Do amazing backgrounds in Photoshop with this set.
Number of items: 1000 | File format: .pat
Author: Gfxstacks.com | License: Royalty Free



500 Seamless Vector Files
For high resolution print works.
Seamless vector patterns are great for adding textures to your design work.

Give your design some additional depth and personality.
Number of items: 500 | File format: .ai and .eps
Author: Bundlestorm.com | License: Royalty Free



1000 Adobe Swatches
Easily change colors in Illustrator.
This pack is very useful if you create colourful designs with Adobe Illustrator.

If you create vector icons this pack will help you very much.
Number of items: 1000 | File format: .ai
Author: Bundlestorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Hand drawn arrows and signs
Call to action arrows.
These come handy when you want to add call to action arrows or a little creative touch to your designs.

Hand drawn arrows for your web or graphic design projects.
Number of items: 160 | File format: .ai and .eps
Author: Bundlestorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Amazing Infographic Kit
Focus on the info…
170 infographic design elements to help you create awesome presentation.

Download a great design kit with awesome vector elements.
Number of items: 170 | File format: .ai
Author: grafstorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Awesome Web Button Set
Call to action buttons.
Use a button that leads your site visitor to your defined target such as product purchase or site conversion.

Choose your favourite button and let them shine on your website today.
Number of items: 40 | File format: .psd
Author: Free-Stock-Graphics.com | License: Royalty Free



Clean WordPress Themes
Looking for a new WordPress theme?
Not every blogger or site owner is code-literate or design-savvy, but everyone deserves to get a nice design for their site.

You can use the themes for you or for your client websites.
Number of themes: 6
Author: MyghtyWp.com | License: Royalty Free



Download 434 Glyph Icons
Vector Outlined Glyphs.
Catch the interest of your visitors by creating a good user experience through attractive icons.

Add detail that defines the aesthetic look of the whole website design
Number of items: 500 | File format: .ai, .eps
Author: Bundlestorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Vector Outlined Glyphs
This set contains 500 fully scalable vector icons with 5 outline styles.

Icons are very important asset in professional website design.
Number of items: 500 | File format: .ai
Author: Bundlestorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Vector Floral Ornaments
Floral Ornaments.
No matter what the medium of creation be, floral designs have always enjoyed a special position in the world of art.

The best collection of high quality floral vector graphics.
Number of items: 500 | File format: .ai and .eps
Author: Bundlestorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Character Creation Kit
Make endless combinations with these colourful monsters.
Ultimate monster creation kit including lots of ready-made body parts.

Unleash your creativity and create your very own monster.
Number of items: 60 | File format: .psd
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Royalty Free



Awesome User Interface Kit
User Interface Kit.
Create fast websites using this user interface kit with over 375 elements.

Check out this awesome Web UI Kit
Number of items: 375 | File format: .psd
Author: BundleStorm.com | License: Royalty Free



This ridiculously massive bundle of bundles normally sells for the low price of just $147. That’s insane to begin with! But for a limited time only, you can get this Bundle Storm for a mere $47! That’s thousands upon thousands of design elements for less than $50!

Click the BUY now button and prepare to be floored!

Deal terms:

  • Files are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. The download is split into several files with a total download size of over 60GB.
  • Sold on a per user basis.
  • All of the resources are royalty free and can be used for both commercial and personal projects for both you and your clients.
  • These resources may be used for electronic publications (including websites), user interface design and code based environments, print publications, physical products, advertising and promotional materials, corporate identity documents, exhibitions, video, film and television broadcasts (used as design elements), home, office and public decorations, to create digital products.
  • The PSD layouts may be used to create websites which may be resold to your clients.
  • Artwork created using these vectors and icons may be resold.
  • Licensee may alter, crop, manipulate and create derivative works of the Licensed Material.



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